CIlib is software library which aids in the experimentation and research of Computational Intelligence algorithms. Previously, in version 1.0 and lower, CIlib started demonstrating several shortcomings, and as a result, the current development process began. In order to address these shortcomings, the following goals were highlighted:

Principled design

It is very important to ensure that the library code is pure - thereby reducing complexity. This has many advantages but, most importantly, it allows for the controlling of side-effects which is a primary concern, especially when randomness is involved. As a consequence of this, and other aspects, CIlib makes an active effort to address the following:

  • Correctness: All algorithmic components should be correct and operate as intended, doing nothing more. Peer-review is hugely valuable in this regard, providing the confidence that the implementations are correct and sound.
  • Type safety: The use of types is a fantastic way to ensure that a program cannot represent invalid states. This removes a huge set of potential errors and ensures greater confidence, as the compiler is always double-checking the code.
  • Reproducability: Within scientific research, being able to reproduce the work of another researcher is important. It’s also a fundamental part of the scientific method. With complexities such as randomness, this becomes much more difficult and is generally extremely cumbersome. CIlib must allow for the perfect replication of experimental work.

Project structure

Trying to maintain a modular set of functionalities, CIlib consists of several sub-projects:

  • core - contains typeclass definitions together with required data structures
  • exec - simplistic execution code allowing for experimental execution
  • de - data structures and logic related to Differential Evolution
  • docs - sources for the website
  • ga - data structures and logic related to Genetic Algorithms
  • moo - typeclasses, instances and data structures for Multi-Objective Optimization
  • pso - data structures and logic related to Particle Swarm Optimization


If you have any feedback or questions, please contact is in #cilib on FreeNode IRC or come chat to us in the project’s Gitter channel; alternatively, feel free to open an issue.